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A New Year

2 Jan

I find the start of a new year to be refreshing and full of potential for bigger and brighter things. It’s a reminder to look back on what we did, what we loved and what we still hope to accomplish. This year promises to be a great adventure! I will be moving to Japan in a few weeks which rings all sorts of exciting bells and I hope to share in all my discoveries. Cheers to a great 2013!atelieriji



Balloon Rides

13 Oct

There’s just something about hot air balloons that makes me smile. They are almost always in bright colourful designs and they float so gracefully in the sky. That and it can be a serene and intimate moment when you’re up high and taking in the gorgeous view. Fall would be such a lovely time for a ride to really appreciate the changing colours of leaves. Here are some floating beauties that caught my eye!


Who we were, who we are, and who we will become

10 Sep

When I moved away, there was a little voice inside that asked why I wanted to make new friends when I already had best friends that sustained me intellectually and emotionally. And then over time, I realized something. They say that the journey begins with the first step. Well in the journey of life, I was very lucky because my first steps were alongside powerful individuals I grew to respect and love. I believe that the start of a journey can dictate the course, choice of paths and even the destination itself. We may not know the destination but I do know that we will reach it with grace, strength and laughter because those were our building blocks for the foundation of friendship.

I think my friends and I have all come to the realization that our destinations will differ and that already we no longer walk hand-in-hand down the same road. But for all this, we also realize that who we are today is a result of the strengths we have brought out in each other by being completely supportive and understanding. So wherever we end up in life, we bring pieces of each other with us. Whether it’s the disposition to believe in the best of others, a quick and canny wit, or a proclivity to think outside the box, the nature of who we are began with who we were. And who we will become is now before our feet.

My hope is that with this introspection, we will not be afraid to go into the world and take risks because we fear losing one another. We did not raise each other to settle for less than we deserve. May we boldly strike out into the world with confidence and purpose knowing that there will always be people who fully support and love you.


Palio di Siena

2 Jul

Happy belated Canada Day to all my friends in Canada!

Today is the epic Palio di Siena and I will be joining in all the festivities today. Too excited!

Palio di Siena

Starry Night

29 Jun

This little guy actually projects constellations onto the ceiling in blue, green or amber light. You can learn about constellation images or if you’re like me, invent new ones because you don’t see any bears or scorpions in the stars. Now you can tuck your kid (or yourself) into bed and have a starry, starry night every night.

Turtle Night Light

More is better

26 Jun

Let’s take the time to take better care of ourselves, deal?

via Plasticities

Happy Father’s Day

17 Jun

Happy Papa’s Day to all the dads out there! Thank you for everything that you do for us!


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