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Alain Delorme

1 Feb

I am into full packing mode now with just a week to go until I leave for Japan. Sure, I’ve made lists of things I’ll need but then I look at everything piled up around my room and and wonder, how is all of that going to fit in my suitcase?


It was a humorous sigh of relief seeing Delorme’s Totem collection. These manipulated photos elevate the working people in Shanghai to superhero status with their incredible balance, strength and perseverance. In a city strongly focusing on its economic growth and urbanization, the images show the material, burdensome and precarious nature of city expansion. The towering pile of goods are the totems they carry and are set up against the city’s ever rising totems of condos and office buildings. Take a look…

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Alain Delorme


Laurent Chehere

20 Jan

My home is the center of my universe. In an ever changing world, my house is a place of comfort and familiarity. I am free to escape harsh weather, angry traffic and bustling streets. I can create a world of make-believe with a fortress of pillows or pour a glass of wine and slip into a tub of bubbles.

Laurent Chehere has traveled the world and photographed many living quarters, both temporary and permanent. In his collection Flying Houses, the buildings are given a voice and tell us about those they care for. What would our homes say about us?

chehere4chehere1cheherechehere2 chehere6chehere5chehere3chehere7

via  The Jealous Curator

Phoebe Rudomino

10 Dec

I can’t help but be completely drawn in to Rudomino’s underwater photography. The use of props, lighting and body angles are just spot on and really solidify the compelling narrative in each photo. The pieces pull you underwater to see things that are at once familiar but foreign, poignant and beautiful.



Inner child. Inner artist

24 Nov

These bring a huge smile to my day. Many of us encourage kids to be creative and fearless about art. Perhaps it really is only a matter of time then that we see the next Andy Warhol piece produced by a 4 year old. 

via Oh Happy Day

Power of Books

24 Nov

The feeling you get when you’re so engrossed by a piece of work that you can’t imagine how life will be the same again. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

via BuzzFeed


Rooms from above

6 Oct

It’s a refreshing take on room portraits no? These photos by Menno Aden caught my eye and I couldn’t help but go through the whole portfolio collection.  We tend to get so accustomed to seeing familiar spaces in a particular fashion or point of view- our kitchen, living room, classroom. That’s what makes the camera’s vantage point so intriguing in these images. It’s as if we are seeing the spaces for the first time, seeing flaws or hidden jewels that we would normally miss. But as well, there is a sense of someone watching over these spaces, a reality t.v or security camera type of feeling. What do you think?



Labour Day Monday

3 Sep

Holiday Monday today and my head plans to be in the clouds. Perhaps dreaming until late morning, sketching in the afternoon and tackling some organization listening to jazz tunes (have any suggestions?).

Happy holiday my friends!


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