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12 Jan

Opened in time for last year’s summer Olympics in London, Morag Myerscough and the Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency livened up the space around the busy Greenwich DLR station with a brilliantly designed pop-up café.


MVMNT Café offered local organic food and coffee as well as performance space for musicians and commuter bike storage. Talk about inserting an instantaneous dose of feel good inspiration to the thousands of visitors passing by the Royal Borough of Greenwich! The graphic and vibrant design reflected the excitement of a city and its people. Take a look at how it all came together.

mvmntcafe8mvmntcafe4mvmnt5 mvmntcafe9mvmnt6 mvmntcafe mvmntcafe7mvmntcafe2




Rugs designs to make the heart grow fonder

26 Nov

Tis the season for cozy rugs and Loom knows how to design some beautiful pieces for the home.


Rooms from above

6 Oct

It’s a refreshing take on room portraits no? These photos by Menno Aden caught my eye and I couldn’t help but go through the whole portfolio collection.  We tend to get so accustomed to seeing familiar spaces in a particular fashion or point of view- our kitchen, living room, classroom. That’s what makes the camera’s vantage point so intriguing in these images. It’s as if we are seeing the spaces for the first time, seeing flaws or hidden jewels that we would normally miss. But as well, there is a sense of someone watching over these spaces, a reality t.v or security camera type of feeling. What do you think?



Living in a cube

28 Sep

A big selling point for loft living is the completely open space to fill as you wish. But sometimes, you just want a nook with thick blankets to crawl under and hide from the world for a few hours. That’s when you might want this mobile bed cube that lets you spin and rotate your bed chambers any which way you wish. Also how great is the styling?

via here

Containers for living

2 Sep

Upcycled homes never cease to amaze me.

You might remember this post about a transformed railway car home. Well how about a shipping container? While shipping containers might bring to mind things like rust, fishy smells or hard and cold metal, I think you’ll agree that this home is nothing less than spacious and modern.

This Costa Rican home was built from two 40′ containers with strategic cuts on the sides to allow for large windows. Even with hardwood floors, fully insulated walls and a raised roof, this innovated home was constructed with a $40,000 budget. There’s plenty of rewards to reap in green living and all it takes is some creative thinking. Thank goodness for those who can think outside of the container!

Containers of Hope via Inhabitat

Garden Happy

21 Aug

My mother has a blessed green thumb and she passed down her love of flowers and growing gardens. There’s a mixture of awe, happiness and love when I’m surrounded by beautiful living colours. If I were to have my own little plot of land, I would grow the most wild collection of colourful flowers and all shapes and sizes. I would literally be growing happiness and who knows, maybe people passing by could take some of that with them.


An August favourite

19 Aug

Summer night backyard parties are a favourite of mine.

Cool lemonade and sangria pitchers that quickly condensate even in the evening warmth. Fresh garden salads with just a hint of olive oil. And of course, lush grass to dance upon all night long. Surrounded by mason jar candles and blooming flowers, it’s the best kind of atmosphere for unwinding after work and catching up with friends and all that is good. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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