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Hand Lettering

8 Aug

I am loving Lisa Congdon’s art project of 365 Days of Hand Lettering. It is a growing collection of typography that includes letters, quotes and names in all sorts of exciting type design. I get giddy when I find words in perfectly matched fonts and illustrations. Layouts, angles and patterns come together and really elevate everything to a whole new level. Any other type lovers out there?

Here are some of the ones that make me smile and I hope they have the same effect on you!

typography by Lisa Congdon


Hello inner child!

16 Jul

These paintings make me a feel like a kid again and transport me into a fictional world of colour, robots and everything make-believe. It’s as if my pencil crayons shimmied out of hiding and had a dance fest just weaving images together.

Gosh these make me happy! Space ships, dinosaurs and ¬†carousals!¬†I mean what’s not to love?

Souther Salazar‘s paintings have the ability to spark inspiration and fun in my six year old niece, my twenty something self and I’m willing to bet, would inspire my 80-ish year old granddad. It’s nice to remember to check-in and waltz with your inner child often!


Sunday night bursts of colour

17 Jun


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