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Jazzy Records

8 Oct

I love the charm of old records and the vintage designs on record covers. I especially love the ones with faded colours and worn edges the best. It makes me feel like they were cherished and favored. Project Thirty-Three is a collection of album covers with an emphasis on minimalism and geometric shapes. Take a look and let me know if you think these were much loved in their time.

Cover Art


Happy Weekend

5 Oct

There’s nothing better than being with someone that makes you happy. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here and I hope you get to spend it with those you love!




5 Jul

The lifestyle in Italy is a match made in heaven for me. I love to nap and I feel less guilty doing it when everyone else is taking a siesta too. Let’s grab a gelato and then snuggle down for some gentle z’s before continuing with our day!

Let Her Sleep print

I like mine hot

19 Jun

Did I mention I will be flying out for Italy this Friday? It’s a summer adventure with girl friends and you just know we will be drinking enough cappuccinos and espressos to make even the seasoned drinker shake. Altro caffè per favore!

Know your coffees

Sundae Chronicles

14 Jun

I am very much in love with this sundae. Who knew you could fall in love with melting ice cream?

I have a big sweet tooth and no self-control so I think I’ll go enjoy a soft-serve ice cream now. Look at the photo a little longer and you will too.

Sundae Chronicles 

I Will Never Lego

9 Jun

This is me and my boyfriend when I need to leave for work and he just wants to cuddle.


Let’s float on

8 Jun

Work was absolutely hectic in May but I’m back and excited to start a fresh round of posts here on out.  Hope you enjoy!


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