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Alain Delorme

1 Feb

I am into full packing mode now with just a week to go until I leave for Japan. Sure, I’ve made lists of things I’ll need but then I look at everything piled up around my room and and wonder, how is all of that going to fit in my suitcase?


It was a humorous sigh of relief seeing Delorme’s Totem collection. These manipulated photos elevate the working people in Shanghai to superhero status with their incredible balance, strength and perseverance. In a city strongly focusing on its economic growth and urbanization, the images show the material, burdensome and precarious nature of city expansion. The towering pile of goods are the totems they carry and are set up against the city’s ever rising totems of condos and office buildings. Take a look…

delorme3delorme7 delormedelorme2delorme6     

Alain Delorme



12 Jan

Opened in time for last year’s summer Olympics in London, Morag Myerscough and the Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency livened up the space around the busy Greenwich DLR station with a brilliantly designed pop-up café.


MVMNT Café offered local organic food and coffee as well as performance space for musicians and commuter bike storage. Talk about inserting an instantaneous dose of feel good inspiration to the thousands of visitors passing by the Royal Borough of Greenwich! The graphic and vibrant design reflected the excitement of a city and its people. Take a look at how it all came together.

mvmntcafe8mvmntcafe4mvmnt5 mvmntcafe9mvmnt6 mvmntcafe mvmntcafe7mvmntcafe2



Pink & Rose

23 Sep

The raspberry blazer is 100% spot on what my fall wardrobe is currently lusting after. Masculine shape with feminine colour and I’m jumping up and down. If I could swathe myself in pink and rose, my world would look like this. 

skirt/balloons/graphic print/blazer/petals/ring/clutch/flats

Pattern Love

11 Sep



Collage designed with Polyvore

Punchy pantones

25 Aug

How’s this for a punch of colour?Emilie from Griottes does a superb job pairing foods with their pantone colours in a beautiful way. Shall we grab a glass of 715 C? And a bowl full of 1797 C! Whether you speak the language of food, gestures or pantone swatches, I think you’ll find a bit of love on every plate below. 



Colour my world

24 Jul

If you ambled across these spaces touched by Horst Gläsker, would you not add a skip in your step and smile cheerfully at your neighbour?

Here’s his work Campo Santo using acrylic paint on paving stones.

The one below is my favourite. Scala in Wuppertal, Germany is a boldly coloured staircase with each step featuring a word describing relationships between humans. It’s as if giant pastel crayons lined themselves on the staircase and melted on a hazy summer afternoon.

Will you join my cheery can-can dance on the stairs? I must make it here someday soon!

Campo Santo & Scala

Sunday night bursts of colour

17 Jun


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