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Tapas Love

19 Oct

A fun favourite of mine is enjoying tapas and wine with friends. It’s a good chance to go out, dig into some new appetizers and catch up with friends. Well what if you could enjoy tapas anywhere? 

This tapas take-out concept would be ideal for picking some favourite bites and surprising a friend a work! Or for a sunset picnic or even the drive-in movie theatre.My three containers would definitely hold sweet potato fries, sauteed garlic prawns and chorizo sausage in wine. What are your favourites?


TOT Take-Away


Grown Up Soda

19 Oct

Mustaches, monocles and great type. You can’t ask for more than that from a soda bottle. These are bubbly and lovely wrapped up in a sleek bottle! Can I say early stocking stuffer?

via the dieline

Job Hunting Club

26 Sep

I remember sitting in school and thinking What the heck am I going to do when I graduate? In the guidance & careers office, I flipped page after page in a giant binder full of different career choices and I was completely frustrated by the overwhelming possibilities. Finding out what career choice suits us best is not always fun and easy.

It’s part of the reason why I appreciate the light and playful design of The Job Hunting Club. It is a card game aimed at students with dysgraphia to learn about different career choices. Now those coloured playing cards and engraved wooden tokens look like they would be quite manageable! Dare I say, career searching made fun? Take a look for yourself.

Job Hunting Club via Lovely Package

Tarts done well

5 Sep

I’m nothing less than dancing over the moon when creative cookies combine my love of food and visual presentation.

Here are some great looking tarts displayed sensationally well! It’s clean, fresh and highlights all the right points. And did I mention the wild flavours to try? Classic Sea Salt Caramel. Curious about Orange Wasabi. Decadent Creme Brulee!

This has all the makings for opening sunshine from a box. You know whatever is inside must bring happiness.

Drooling over the exquisite presentation yet? If you happen to be in LA, you can have one of these delights delivered right to your door. Someone please tell me how good Spiced Pumpkin is!

photos creds here & here


A deck of cards

27 Aug

You don’t have to be in the workforce long to know the importance of a good business card. You might go to meetings and conventions and hand out/receive contact cards like you were trick-or-treating at Halloween. By the time you make it home, you empty your pockets of the little cards and chances are, you can’t match the card to a face. Or the card looks utterly boring that you can’t remember if the owner had any pizzazz at all.

Well, some creative cookies out there are making sure this doesn’t happen. Well designed business cards make you remember the people behind them, their personalities and why their product/service rocks. Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m purging business cards, I like to keep the ones that make me excited. If you’re thinking about making a contact card, I hope I can help jump start those creative juices with a few examples of memorable business cards!


A warrior fish

26 Aug

I think many of us, myself included, have bought pet fish and believed they would be easy to take of. I bought a betta fish, or siamese fighting fish, for my niece’s birthday this year thinking that this solitary creature would be easy enough for a child to look after. What the pet store associate failed to mention were all of the particulars required for the fish to live a healthy life. I wish this packaging was available because it casts light on important tips on care that potential buyers should be aware about. It also lends a voice to the animal whose existence is sometimes taken lightly.

via The Dieline

Luxury lifestyle branding

28 Jul

Sofia is building in San Pedro, Mexico designed by internationally renowned architect, Cesar Pelli. When you look at the images below, they scream  exclusivity, luxury, and sophistication (in a prim and proper way of course). The branding is spot-on and the details are exquisitely designed. I especially love their font and gosh those lifestyle photos are beautiful! I get the feeling you need to be given a golden key in order to unlock this magical world of tailored suits, proper afternoon tea and your own coat of arms. Anyone have a spare?

Branding by Anagrama

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