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Alain Delorme

1 Feb

I am into full packing mode now with just a week to go until I leave for Japan. Sure, I’ve made lists of things I’ll need but then I look at everything piled up around my room and and wonder, how is all of that going to fit in my suitcase?


It was a humorous sigh of relief seeing Delorme’s Totem collection. These manipulated photos elevate the working people in Shanghai to superhero status with their incredible balance, strength and perseverance. In a city strongly focusing on its economic growth and urbanization, the images show the material, burdensome and precarious nature of city expansion. The towering pile of goods are the totems they carry and are set up against the city’s ever rising totems of condos and office buildings. Take a look…

delorme3delorme7 delormedelorme2delorme6     

Alain Delorme


Laurent Chehere

20 Jan

My home is the center of my universe. In an ever changing world, my house is a place of comfort and familiarity. I am free to escape harsh weather, angry traffic and bustling streets. I can create a world of make-believe with a fortress of pillows or pour a glass of wine and slip into a tub of bubbles.

Laurent Chehere has traveled the world and photographed many living quarters, both temporary and permanent. In his collection Flying Houses, the buildings are given a voice and tell us about those they care for. What would our homes say about us?

chehere4chehere1cheherechehere2 chehere6chehere5chehere3chehere7

via  The Jealous Curator

Jill Ricci

3 Jan

I find Jill Ricci‘s work to be beautifully dramatic and nostalgic at the same time. The overlay of patterns and shapes instantly grab your eye. But while you continue to look at it, the faded colours and sense of layering give the feeling like a great hidden history can be retold by peeling away each cut-out. It’s as if behind each pattern is a story and window to a different memory and emotion. Based on our own narratives, we can approach each collage with different interpretations and feelings.

The last piece is my favourite. For me, it evokes romanticized visions of vintage Parisian walls with bold patterns of the fashion houses peeking out. What stories can you interweave together from the works below?

ricciricci6 ricci5 ricci4 ricci3ricci2

artwork by Ricci

Power of Books

24 Nov

The feeling you get when you’re so engrossed by a piece of work that you can’t imagine how life will be the same again. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

via BuzzFeed


Geometry in beautiful ways

27 Sep

Can’t get enough of Geo A Day. The proportions are so elegant and so right.

Here are my favourites.

Framed Spaces

21 Sep

These framed photos by Elad Lassry are delightful!

The objects he chooses are everyday common things like eggs and cabbage. But he styles them so wonderfully and employs different techniques such as blurring and mirrors to really give the objects dimension and space in the frame. When I look at these images, I feel as if I am looking at a shadow box containing 3D objects inside… not at a framed image. And the colour pairing and gradients he uses! I’ve never associated happy and whimsy with cabbages or cat toys until now but I want this pink beauty framed on dresser pronto please.

images via Artful Desparado

Landschaft Mit Haus

18 Sep

The coming of autumn generally elicits a more pensive mood for me so when I discovered Zaikina’s work, I thought it summed up everything on my mind.

Together, these photos form snapshots of the comings and goings in time.  They are reminiscent of the flickering scenes you might see on a train ride while you meditate on the journey. The colours depict the impressions of the journey, whether your reflections are happy, sad, fleeting or random. Year after year, autumn comes and goes to show that both nothing and everything stays the same.

For me, the video shows a more melancholic side of traveling and the sense that perhaps the destination is not so different than the entire journey itself. Watch for yourself.

images via does it float


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