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Frozen Winters

24 Jan

Toronto is currently going through a deep freeze this week with temperatures outside feeling like -30 degrees Celsius. I felt this installation by Chris Lawson really captures just how frigid and unforgiving winter can be.

deep north6Deep North depicts an abandoned house where the inhabitants left so suddenly they left all their personal effects untouched. A table is set, a book is left open and dishes wait to be put away. Left to the elements and plummeting centigrade, a thick sheet of ice covers the interior of the house and leaves a life suspended in time. The photos depict an absolute quiet, freezing temperatures and an eerie stupor in each room. Just thinking about how the installation was created makes me shiver. If you haven’t had a frosty winter yet, Deep North will surely send you some icy chills! Stay warm my friends!

deep north deep north2  deep north7deep north5deep north4

via Gessato with files from Magnus Muller Temporary



12 Jan

Opened in time for last year’s summer Olympics in London, Morag Myerscough and the Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency livened up the space around the busy Greenwich DLR station with a brilliantly designed pop-up café.


MVMNT Café offered local organic food and coffee as well as performance space for musicians and commuter bike storage. Talk about inserting an instantaneous dose of feel good inspiration to the thousands of visitors passing by the Royal Borough of Greenwich! The graphic and vibrant design reflected the excitement of a city and its people. Take a look at how it all came together.

mvmntcafe8mvmntcafe4mvmnt5 mvmntcafe9mvmnt6 mvmntcafe mvmntcafe7mvmntcafe2



Pixel Perfect

20 Oct

I am a huge fan of Craig Allen‘s portraits. The individuals who make up the pixels of the photo seem free to wander as they wish and at ground level, would seem to look randomly placed. But collectively as a whole, they come together to form a portrait that shows a great balance of space and features. Take a look…

Craig Allen

Nuit Blanche 2012

2 Oct

This past weekend was Nuit Blanche in Toronto. For one night, the downtown core transformed its spaces to host hundreds of art installations from sunset to dawn. It’s impossible to see it all but if you walk from street to street, you might catch snippets of improv performances, walk over brightly illuminated air shafts and find yourself in a 1994 recreated rave.

Here were some of my favourites!

Earth Moon Earth led me inside the Elgin Theatre to find a piano playing Moonlight Sonata on stage. The composition was sent to the moon in radio transmitted morse code messages, bounced back to Earth which the piano then translated.Throw-Up covered the city walls with edible icing in swirls and floral motifs. Thought Balloon invited the passerby to share in conversation with the illuminated ideas of other citizens on balloons

All Night Convenience featured a pop-up convenience store with shelves stocked with consumer goods made of lanterns. Guests were invited to take one lantern home so the store became dimmer and dimmer as the night drew on.


All things fade

8 Sep

Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey created beautiful portraits using an unlikely medium – grass.By planting grass seeds and covering them with custom negatives, the grass grows in varying patches and densities depending on the amount of sunlight the negatives allow.The results are portraits with great detail that slowly, over time, will fade as the grass continues to grow. The concept is quite lovely as the people in the portraits, like the grass, will continue to grow and this snapshot in time will fade.

This man with the wrinkles is my favourite. Each wrinkle is a story and although the portrait may fade, hopefully those memories will endure.

files from here  & here

Carpet of Flowers

29 Aug

Just over a week ago marked the last visiting day to see Brussels’ Flower Carpet. Thousands of begonias are strategically placed to form intricate patterns and designs on the Grand-Place. Each year showcases a different theme that takes a year to plan so it’s astounding that the gardeners only need 4 hours to create the 77 m x 24 m carpet. Here’s what 750,000 flowers look like!

You can bet that I’ve marked the dates for next year’s Flower Carpet. With a bit of luck, I’ll post personal shots of the spectacular display next year. Here are some displays from past years.


Hand of God

27 Aug

This made me smile in this morning! Happy Monday!

via The Laughing Squid

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