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Frozen Winters

24 Jan

Toronto is currently going through a deep freeze this week with temperatures outside feeling like -30 degrees Celsius. I felt this installation by Chris Lawson really captures just how frigid and unforgiving winter can be.

deep north6Deep North depicts an abandoned house where the inhabitants left so suddenly they left all their personal effects untouched. A table is set, a book is left open and dishes wait to be put away. Left to the elements and plummeting centigrade, a thick sheet of ice covers the interior of the house and leaves a life suspended in time. The photos depict an absolute quiet, freezing temperatures and an eerie stupor in each room. Just thinking about how the installation was created makes me shiver. If you haven’t had a frosty winter yet, Deep North will surely send you some icy chills! Stay warm my friends!

deep north deep north2  deep north7deep north5deep north4

via Gessato with files from Magnus Muller Temporary


Laurent Chehere

20 Jan

My home is the center of my universe. In an ever changing world, my house is a place of comfort and familiarity. I am free to escape harsh weather, angry traffic and bustling streets. I can create a world of make-believe with a fortress of pillows or pour a glass of wine and slip into a tub of bubbles.

Laurent Chehere has traveled the world and photographed many living quarters, both temporary and permanent. In his collection Flying Houses, the buildings are given a voice and tell us about those they care for. What would our homes say about us?

chehere4chehere1cheherechehere2 chehere6chehere5chehere3chehere7

via  The Jealous Curator


12 Jan

Opened in time for last year’s summer Olympics in London, Morag Myerscough and the Greenwich Cooperative Development Agency livened up the space around the busy Greenwich DLR station with a brilliantly designed pop-up café.


MVMNT Café offered local organic food and coffee as well as performance space for musicians and commuter bike storage. Talk about inserting an instantaneous dose of feel good inspiration to the thousands of visitors passing by the Royal Borough of Greenwich! The graphic and vibrant design reflected the excitement of a city and its people. Take a look at how it all came together.

mvmntcafe8mvmntcafe4mvmnt5 mvmntcafe9mvmnt6 mvmntcafe mvmntcafe7mvmntcafe2



Perfect Black Tux

6 Jan

Yves Saint-Laurent came out with Le Smoking in the 60’s, a women’s clothing line inspired by formal menswear. It went on to become a huge success and fashion phenomenon reinventing the definition of women’s style and sophistication.lesmoking

The androgynous look reflected feelings of empowerment and liberation for women. To this day, when I put on a well-tailored suit, I can’t help but walk with my head held high and feel like there isn’t anything I can’t do. Thanks YSL!

Here are some recent interpretations by Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu and Ralph Lauren.



Jill Ricci

3 Jan

I find Jill Ricci‘s work to be beautifully dramatic and nostalgic at the same time. The overlay of patterns and shapes instantly grab your eye. But while you continue to look at it, the faded colours and sense of layering give the feeling like a great hidden history can be retold by peeling away each cut-out. It’s as if behind each pattern is a story and window to a different memory and emotion. Based on our own narratives, we can approach each collage with different interpretations and feelings.

The last piece is my favourite. For me, it evokes romanticized visions of vintage Parisian walls with bold patterns of the fashion houses peeking out. What stories can you interweave together from the works below?

ricciricci6 ricci5 ricci4 ricci3ricci2

artwork by Ricci

A New Year

2 Jan

I find the start of a new year to be refreshing and full of potential for bigger and brighter things. It’s a reminder to look back on what we did, what we loved and what we still hope to accomplish. This year promises to be a great adventure! I will be moving to Japan in a few weeks which rings all sorts of exciting bells and I hope to share in all my discoveries. Cheers to a great 2013!atelieriji


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