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Phoebe Rudomino

10 Dec

I can’t help but be completely drawn in to Rudomino’s underwater photography. The use of props, lighting and body angles are just spot on and really solidify the compelling narrative in each photo. The pieces pull you underwater to see things that are at once familiar but foreign, poignant and beautiful.




Leap of Faith

9 Dec

How would you feel if your morning started off with a near vertical fall off the top of a Ziggurat with sharks swimming at the bottom?leap-of-faith

This is definitely an experience that will get your adrenaline running. Once you step off the 27.5 m high slide, you are launched down a see-through chute that runs through a shark filled lagoon. If your eyes aren’t closed shut, you can wave hello at the bow mouth sharks , white and black tips, guitar sharks and grey reef sharks going about their business. Aptly named The Leap of Faith, this water slide is not for the faint of heart. 

Atlantis, The Palm via Entertainment Designer

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