Rooms from above

6 Oct

It’s a refreshing take on room portraits no? These photos by Menno Aden caught my eye and I couldn’t help but go through the whole portfolio collection.  We tend to get so accustomed to seeing familiar spaces in a particular fashion or point of view- our kitchen, living room, classroom. That’s what makes the camera’s vantage point so intriguing in these images. It’s as if we are seeing the spaces for the first time, seeing flaws or hidden jewels that we would normally miss. But as well, there is a sense of someone watching over these spaces, a reality t.v or security camera type of feeling. What do you think?




One Response to “Rooms from above”

  1. alessandro ciapanna October 6, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    Finding a subject is medium-hard, triggering your camera remotely is not complicated. What is an absolute mystery to me is how you stick the camera to the ceiling… 😉

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