Nuit Blanche 2012

2 Oct

This past weekend was Nuit Blanche in Toronto. For one night, the downtown core transformed its spaces to host hundreds of art installations from sunset to dawn. It’s impossible to see it all but if you walk from street to street, you might catch snippets of improv performances, walk over brightly illuminated air shafts and find yourself in a 1994 recreated rave.

Here were some of my favourites!

Earth Moon Earth led me inside the Elgin Theatre to find a piano playing Moonlight Sonata on stage. The composition was sent to the moon in radio transmitted morse code messages, bounced back to Earth which the piano then translated.Throw-Up covered the city walls with edible icing in swirls and floral motifs. Thought Balloon invited the passerby to share in conversation with the illuminated ideas of other citizens on balloons

All Night Convenience featured a pop-up convenience store with shelves stocked with consumer goods made of lanterns. Guests were invited to take one lantern home so the store became dimmer and dimmer as the night drew on.



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