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Pixel Perfect

20 Oct

I am a huge fan of Craig Allen‘s portraits. The individuals who make up the pixels of the photo seem free to wander as they wish and at ground level, would seem to look randomly placed. But collectively as a whole, they come together to form a portrait that shows a great balance of space and features. Take a look…

Craig Allen


Tapas Love

19 Oct

A fun favourite of mine is enjoying tapas and wine with friends. It’s a good chance to go out, dig into some new appetizers and catch up with friends. Well what if you could enjoy tapas anywhere? 

This tapas take-out concept would be ideal for picking some favourite bites and surprising a friend a work! Or for a sunset picnic or even the drive-in movie theatre.My three containers would definitely hold sweet potato fries, sauteed garlic prawns and chorizo sausage in wine. What are your favourites?


TOT Take-Away

Grown Up Soda

19 Oct

Mustaches, monocles and great type. You can’t ask for more than that from a soda bottle. These are bubbly and lovely wrapped up in a sleek bottle! Can I say early stocking stuffer?

via the dieline

Balloon Rides

13 Oct

There’s just something about hot air balloons that makes me smile. They are almost always in bright colourful designs and they float so gracefully in the sky. That and it can be a serene and intimate moment when you’re up high and taking in the gorgeous view. Fall would be such a lovely time for a ride to really appreciate the changing colours of leaves. Here are some floating beauties that caught my eye!


Jazzy Records

8 Oct

I love the charm of old records and the vintage designs on record covers. I especially love the ones with faded colours and worn edges the best. It makes me feel like they were cherished and favored. Project Thirty-Three is a collection of album covers with an emphasis on minimalism and geometric shapes. Take a look and let me know if you think these were much loved in their time.

Cover Art

Rooms from above

6 Oct

It’s a refreshing take on room portraits no? These photos by Menno Aden caught my eye and I couldn’t help but go through the whole portfolio collection.  We tend to get so accustomed to seeing familiar spaces in a particular fashion or point of view- our kitchen, living room, classroom. That’s what makes the camera’s vantage point so intriguing in these images. It’s as if we are seeing the spaces for the first time, seeing flaws or hidden jewels that we would normally miss. But as well, there is a sense of someone watching over these spaces, a reality t.v or security camera type of feeling. What do you think?



Happy Weekend

5 Oct

There’s nothing better than being with someone that makes you happy. It’s Thanksgiving weekend here and I hope you get to spend it with those you love!



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