Mardin, Turkey

29 Sep

Mardin, located in south east Turkey, is one of the oldest settled regions of Mesopotamia. Archaeologists have found remains from 4000 BCE! Certainly nothing to sneeze at. But the real wonder in my opinion is the beautiful architecture in the city.

Constructed during the Artuqid Dynasty in the 1100s, the limestone buildings are beautifully carved, crafted and preserved. What a deep sense of history you would feel walking through those honey coloured streets. Another bonus? No cars! The streets are too narrow and the stairs are too winding for vehicles to get through so you can peacefully spend the afternoons wandering around the old town and heading in whichever direction you fancy. On a walk, you might stroll into the Church of Forties, a 10th century Syriac Orthodox church or Zinciriye Medresesi, a madrasah/Islamic school, built in the 1300s with beautiful wall decorations.

To top it all off, there is a citadel at the top of the hill which I am sure would provide a spectacular view indeed! All in all, Mardin looks like a breathing outdoor museum I would love to wander through.


source here

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