Fast Fashion

7 Sep

If you’re like me and watching the passionate athletes at the Paraolympics in London, you might wonder how much of a competitive edge their competition gear provides. While it’s highly unlikely that if I don a special swimsuit, I’ll be able to compete with top swimmers but when you are one of the best, what you wear just might be the different between coming home with a medal or not.

In 2010, FINA (Federation Internationale de Natation) banned the use of full-body suits in competition which left Speedo scratching it’s head at what to do with their stock of the LZR Racer Suit. This was the suit that swimmers wore when 91 world records were shattered. Remember the medals Michael Phelps won? Yup, he was sporting one of these suits.

Speedo decided to team up with From Somewhere designers to transform these speedy suits into trendy apparel.

And I couldn’t be happier with what they came up with!  My favourite is the full length grey and black body suit in the middle. It’s edgy, it’s innovation and who doesn’t want to be those things?

with files from Speedo and trendland


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