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Moon Fest

30 Sep

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival! It’s a harvest celebration when families come together, admire a bright full moon and give thanks.

My favourite part of the festival is the lighting of candles inside paper lanterns. As a kid, I would hold a long stick with a lantern tied to the end and gingerly walk around just admiring the flickering light and the glowing colours and patterns. If you get the chance tonight, head out to Chinatown and witness hundreds of colourful lanterns on the streets, hanging from balconies or held by laughing children.

While you’re at it, try some moon cake too! It’s generally sweet and filling so you probably won’t eat a whole lot but it’s the only chance to eat it in the year so it’s something I always look forward to. 



Mardin, Turkey

29 Sep

Mardin, located in south east Turkey, is one of the oldest settled regions of Mesopotamia. Archaeologists have found remains from 4000 BCE! Certainly nothing to sneeze at. But the real wonder in my opinion is the beautiful architecture in the city.

Constructed during the Artuqid Dynasty in the 1100s, the limestone buildings are beautifully carved, crafted and preserved. What a deep sense of history you would feel walking through those honey coloured streets. Another bonus? No cars! The streets are too narrow and the stairs are too winding for vehicles to get through so you can peacefully spend the afternoons wandering around the old town and heading in whichever direction you fancy. On a walk, you might stroll into the Church of Forties, a 10th century Syriac Orthodox church or Zinciriye Medresesi, a madrasah/Islamic school, built in the 1300s with beautiful wall decorations.

To top it all off, there is a citadel at the top of the hill which I am sure would provide a spectacular view indeed! All in all, Mardin looks like a breathing outdoor museum I would love to wander through.


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Living in a cube

28 Sep

A big selling point for loft living is the completely open space to fill as you wish. But sometimes, you just want a nook with thick blankets to crawl under and hide from the world for a few hours. That’s when you might want this mobile bed cube that lets you spin and rotate your bed chambers any which way you wish. Also how great is the styling?

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Geometry in beautiful ways

27 Sep

Can’t get enough of Geo A Day. The proportions are so elegant and so right.

Here are my favourites.

Job Hunting Club

26 Sep

I remember sitting in school and thinking What the heck am I going to do when I graduate? In the guidance & careers office, I flipped page after page in a giant binder full of different career choices and I was completely frustrated by the overwhelming possibilities. Finding out what career choice suits us best is not always fun and easy.

It’s part of the reason why I appreciate the light and playful design of The Job Hunting Club. It is a card game aimed at students with dysgraphia to learn about different career choices. Now those coloured playing cards and engraved wooden tokens look like they would be quite manageable! Dare I say, career searching made fun? Take a look for yourself.

Job Hunting Club via Lovely Package

New Adventures

25 Sep

Psst…I have some news!

I was just offered a new job and will be moving to Japan in the coming months! I am absolutely thrilled and cannot wait to share in the new adventures! Cherry blossoms, temples, fish markets, Mount Fuji and so so SO much more. I hope you stick around for the ride!

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Pink & Rose

23 Sep

The raspberry blazer is 100% spot on what my fall wardrobe is currently lusting after. Masculine shape with feminine colour and I’m jumping up and down. If I could swathe myself in pink and rose, my world would look like this. 

skirt/balloons/graphic print/blazer/petals/ring/clutch/flats

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