Italy / Rome

3 Aug

All roads lead to Rome and my final destination did not disappoint. I will be honest and say that my first visit to Rome six years ago was not the most pleasant. I was herded through attractions and forced to march from one end of the city to the other in order for the tour guide to squeeze everything into one hot and humid afternoon.

Luckily, I was afforded the luxury of exploring the city on my own terms this time around.

The amount of history in Rome always leaves me in awe. I rose bright and early to enter into the Colosseum without hassle or crowds. You can see the underground structures in the photo below that show where they used to kept animals and prisoners. What I didn’t know was that before the underground chambers were built, Romans would actually flood the underground portion and host naval battles in the arena.

The Victor Emmanuel II monument is a brilliantly white building with intricate carvings and statues. I would have likely spent more time here but there is very little shade offered here in the middle of the day. I mosied onwards down Via del Corso and where I spent a little too much time (and money) shopping for pretty things.The Trevi Fountain is my personal favourite. It suddenly appeared when I least expected it, around a corner on a little street. It’s a bustling place in the daytime so I returned at night to simply sit on the steps in front and watch the multitude of  lights in the waters’ reflection dance and ripple. I also made sure to cast a coin over my shoulder to seal a promise to return.


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