Italy / Art of Eating

2 Aug

Many glorious hours were spent in the good company of freshly made pesto pastas, scrumptious pizzas and delectable risotto dishes. I learned how to take time to enjoy a meal rather than wolfing down a quick bite to eat and continuing on with a busy day. One of the first things I did when I arrived in a new town was ask locals for a recommendation on where to dine. Boy does food in Italy never disappoint!

Here are the courses to a heavenly meal.


The meal starts with an aperatif, typically an Aperol Spritz, to kick start your appetite. I found them to be more bitter than sweet and a nice drink to sip on while reflecting on the day. Also, the bright orange is just so visually appealing!


This is the first dish and is usually served piping hot. The variety of dishes you could have as your first is impressive. My favourites include seafood risotto from Cinque Terre (with mussels that were harvested the same day!) and gorgonzola gnocchi from Sorrento. Sometimes I forgot to pace myself and stuffed myself silly with the primo. I know it’s delicious but remember, there’s more to come!


I’ve learned that you can always find room in your belly for more. The secondo is generally the meat dish and I’ve tried everything from breaded pork cutlets to veal with basil and onions. You’ll certainly be feeling full by the secondo.


These are vegetable side dishes that accompany the meal. In my experience, most of mine were salad dishes where just a dash of olive and balsamic oil brought out all the fresh flavors. The best salad I had housed lettuce, tuna, tomatos and the sweetest yellow corn I have ever tasted.

Frutta e Dolce

Most of my meals ended on a sweet note with ripe peaches and apricots or homemade tiramisu. By this point in the meal, I was utterly content and ready for a leisurely stroll to reflect on just how happy and lucky I was.


2 Responses to “Italy / Art of Eating”

  1. AnnaIsEating August 8, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    I had a gorgeous time eating in Italy too! I loved how fresh all the vegetables and sea food were! Amazing!


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