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Back to school, back to art class

30 Aug

As a kid, I always loved art class.

I loved making peanut-butter-pine-cone-bird-feeders, dying egg shells, finger painting, modeling clay, paper mache, twisting pipe cleaners, gluing popsicle stick structures … the list could go on and on. I would proudly bring home my art and display it all over the house. A few years ago when I was cleaning up the basement, I found boxes full of my old artwork that my parents had kept. It’s great to know that creativity and hard work are valued in this home. So with the beginning of the school year approaching, I thought Fideli Sundqvist’s paper art might get everyone excited and inspired for a fresh new year!

Photographer|Maria Wretblad

Stylist|Sasa Antic

Paper Art


Carpet of Flowers

29 Aug

Just over a week ago marked the last visiting day to see Brussels’ Flower Carpet. Thousands of begonias are strategically placed to form intricate patterns and designs on the Grand-Place. Each year showcases a different theme that takes a year to plan so it’s astounding that the gardeners only need 4 hours to create the 77 m x 24 m carpet. Here’s what 750,000 flowers look like!

You can bet that I’ve marked the dates for next year’s Flower Carpet. With a bit of luck, I’ll post personal shots of the spectacular display next year. Here are some displays from past years.


Textile prints

28 Aug

Luli Sanchez designs some seriously cool textile prints.

I want these patterns in bed sheets, curtains, throw pillows, backpacks and dresses. Each piece speaks volumes and I couldn’t be happier having a rotation of these hanging on my walls depending on my mood. The second one speaks loudest to me with its bold and confident brush strokes and pops of colour. Which piece inspires you the most?



A deck of cards

27 Aug

You don’t have to be in the workforce long to know the importance of a good business card. You might go to meetings and conventions and hand out/receive contact cards like you were trick-or-treating at Halloween. By the time you make it home, you empty your pockets of the little cards and chances are, you can’t match the card to a face. Or the card looks utterly boring that you can’t remember if the owner had any pizzazz at all.

Well, some creative cookies out there are making sure this doesn’t happen. Well designed business cards make you remember the people behind them, their personalities and why their product/service rocks. Maybe it’s just me, but when I’m purging business cards, I like to keep the ones that make me excited. If you’re thinking about making a contact card, I hope I can help jump start those creative juices with a few examples of memorable business cards!


Hand of God

27 Aug

This made me smile in this morning! Happy Monday!

via The Laughing Squid

A warrior fish

26 Aug

I think many of us, myself included, have bought pet fish and believed they would be easy to take of. I bought a betta fish, or siamese fighting fish, for my niece’s birthday this year thinking that this solitary creature would be easy enough for a child to look after. What the pet store associate failed to mention were all of the particulars required for the fish to live a healthy life. I wish this packaging was available because it casts light on important tips on care that potential buyers should be aware about. It also lends a voice to the animal whose existence is sometimes taken lightly.

via The Dieline

Punchy pantones

25 Aug

How’s this for a punch of colour?Emilie from Griottes does a superb job pairing foods with their pantone colours in a beautiful way. Shall we grab a glass of 715 C? And a bowl full of 1797 C! Whether you speak the language of food, gestures or pantone swatches, I think you’ll find a bit of love on every plate below. 



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