Italy / The North

30 Jul

This week’s posts are a recollection of the sights and tastes on my Italian adventures.

Let’s kick start the week with a selection of images from my travels in Italy’s north!

Venice’s romantic canals were especially beautiful at twilight. My favourite way of enjoying the sights and sounds of the city was to sit at the edge of a canal, feet dangling above the water, and just watch the gondolas go by. It was doubly as pleasurable with a freshly baked loaf of Italian bread and a jar of Nutella.

Brightly colour coordinated Venetians and their gondolas making their way down the Grand Canal for a regatta.The sleepy town of Burano, just north of Venice, was a relaxing boat ride away. The afternoon was spent strolling past unbelievably colourful houses. How could you feel anything buy cheery here?

Riomaggiore is a tiny town in Cinque Terre with the most amazing seafood dishes. This was home base while I hiked from town to town along the lovely coast. You can cliff dive, snorkel, swim, kayak, canoe or whatever else your heart desires that day. It’s on my future plans to rent a little place here for the summer.Hiking through Cinque Terre and my favourite asparagus-looking tree that made me so happy! Corniglia is up on the mountain cliffs and a wicked 300+ stair climb in the blazing sun. But you’ll forget all about the climb once you see the view and enjoy a cold glass of limoncello.

It was a 2 hour hike from Corniglia to the next town of Vernazza but Mother Nature did reward the effort. Stunning, no? And the water was just as cool and refreshing as it looks in the photo. In the distance, you can make out the last town of Monterosso who really knew how to spoil the summer traveler with sandy beaches and long stretch of shoreline.


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