Something out of nothing

25 Jul

Many of us buy lottery tickets in the hopes of cashing out big time. More often than not, our numbers don’t match the winning ones and we toss the ticket into the trash (along with our million dollar shopping spree dreams). Well what happens if we collected all of those discarded lottery tickets? Two graduates in Rhode Island got the idea to use old lottery tickets to recreate what many people dream about doing after winning a jackpot.

Here’s Dream Home made from $70,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets. The coordination of colours and patterns on the walls is pretty amazing.

Next to a dream home, I’m sure a lot of people would purchase a fancy ride. Dream Car, below, is made from $39,000 worth of lottery tickets. Loose change, I’m sure, when your bank account just gained a whole lot more digits.

art by Ghost of a Dream


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