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Italy / Tuscany

31 Jul

The Duomo never fails to drop jaws. I was fortunate enough to live just down the street so I passed by the cathedral in all of its glory on a daily basis. I was even lucky enough to wine and dine right beside the Duomo while watching the Italy vs. Germany Eurocup match. It was a memory for which I thank my lucky stars.

And as if the architecture in Florence was not enough, I inevitably happened across impressive sculptures and artwork throughout the city.

One afternoon was spent meandering through the green archways, hill tops, and fountains of the Boboli Gardens (isn’t that fun to say?) where I, quite haphazardly, discovered my favourite view of Florence.I found that the best way to get around the Tuscan towns was on bike. In Lucca, I rode with the mountains at my back, rolling hills to my side and promise of gelato up ahead. I don’t think I could think of a better situation. 


Italy / The North

30 Jul

This week’s posts are a recollection of the sights and tastes on my Italian adventures.

Let’s kick start the week with a selection of images from my travels in Italy’s north!

Venice’s romantic canals were especially beautiful at twilight. My favourite way of enjoying the sights and sounds of the city was to sit at the edge of a canal, feet dangling above the water, and just watch the gondolas go by. It was doubly as pleasurable with a freshly baked loaf of Italian bread and a jar of Nutella.

Brightly colour coordinated Venetians and their gondolas making their way down the Grand Canal for a regatta.The sleepy town of Burano, just north of Venice, was a relaxing boat ride away. The afternoon was spent strolling past unbelievably colourful houses. How could you feel anything buy cheery here?

Riomaggiore is a tiny town in Cinque Terre with the most amazing seafood dishes. This was home base while I hiked from town to town along the lovely coast. You can cliff dive, snorkel, swim, kayak, canoe or whatever else your heart desires that day. It’s on my future plans to rent a little place here for the summer.Hiking through Cinque Terre and my favourite asparagus-looking tree that made me so happy! Corniglia is up on the mountain cliffs and a wicked 300+ stair climb in the blazing sun. But you’ll forget all about the climb once you see the view and enjoy a cold glass of limoncello.

It was a 2 hour hike from Corniglia to the next town of Vernazza but Mother Nature did reward the effort. Stunning, no? And the water was just as cool and refreshing as it looks in the photo. In the distance, you can make out the last town of Monterosso who really knew how to spoil the summer traveler with sandy beaches and long stretch of shoreline.

Taking the train home

29 Jul

What do you do if you had an old railway car?

I’m not a train enthusiast so my first answer would probably be sell it for scrap metal.

But lo and behold, after seeing these pictures, I’m certainly whistling a different tune! This 1940’s railway car in Portland was beautifully transformed into a modern home. I love the bright and chic interior environment against its harsher exterior that doesn’t let out any of its inner secrets. This home boasts 10-foot ceilings, an incinerator toilet, and a guaranteed conversation starter among lucky guests. You could be living in first class everyday! Oh and I also hear that there’s no property tax on this place since it’s not “proper” real estate. I think it’s the world’s way of saying thanks to the ingenious work of upcyclers.

via Apartment Therapy

Luxury lifestyle branding

28 Jul

Sofia is building in San Pedro, Mexico designed by internationally renowned architect, Cesar Pelli. When you look at the images below, they scream  exclusivity, luxury, and sophistication (in a prim and proper way of course). The branding is spot-on and the details are exquisitely designed. I especially love their font and gosh those lifestyle photos are beautiful! I get the feeling you need to be given a golden key in order to unlock this magical world of tailored suits, proper afternoon tea and your own coat of arms. Anyone have a spare?

Branding by Anagrama

Style I want to rock / 2

27 Jul

Here are some jewelry pieces I’m currently gushing on. What’s your go-to jewelry piece?

Let’s go!

26 Jul

Ever wanted to go to the airport and buy a one-way ticket for the next plane heading overseas? I most certainly have! My recent adventures in Italy have me wanderlusting for more. But as I head back to work to save up for some more nomadic travels, here are some of the place I’m currently dreaming about!


poster/tunnel of love/pamukkale/petra

Something out of nothing

25 Jul

Many of us buy lottery tickets in the hopes of cashing out big time. More often than not, our numbers don’t match the winning ones and we toss the ticket into the trash (along with our million dollar shopping spree dreams). Well what happens if we collected all of those discarded lottery tickets? Two graduates in Rhode Island got the idea to use old lottery tickets to recreate what many people dream about doing after winning a jackpot.

Here’s Dream Home made from $70,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets. The coordination of colours and patterns on the walls is pretty amazing.

Next to a dream home, I’m sure a lot of people would purchase a fancy ride. Dream Car, below, is made from $39,000 worth of lottery tickets. Loose change, I’m sure, when your bank account just gained a whole lot more digits.

art by Ghost of a Dream

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