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Starry Night

29 Jun

This little guy actually projects constellations onto the ceiling in blue, green or amber light. You can learn about constellation images or if you’re like me, invent new ones because you don’t see any bears or scorpions in the stars. Now you can tuck your kid (or yourself) into bed and have a starry, starry night every night.

Turtle Night Light


I’d put money on it

28 Jun

This is just a concept presentation but how sweet is Dee Vallabh‘s branding for the Bank of Melbourne? It actually makes me excited about chequing and savings accounts! I mean just look at those pop-out colours and text!

I actually want to pick up and read those pocket guides. Not those ho hum, Times New Roman, black and white stapled reports the bank currently sends me.  They go from the mailbox, to collecting dust on my desk and then to the curb. C’mon banks! Let’s add some fresh energy to the services ok? I’ll promise to read what you send me when you do.


Cloudy rooms

27 Jun

This seems magical. You walk into an empty room and there is a cloud floating in the center as if it was a present for just you.

Artist Berndnaut Smilde did actually create these clouds by using a smoke machine and manipulating the moisture in the air to produce. The clouds are fleeting but the result is beyond impressive.

If you could create clouds, where would you make them? I would love to have clouds floating while soaking in a bubble bath.

Nimbus & Nimbus II

More is better

26 Jun

Let’s take the time to take better care of ourselves, deal?

via Plasticities

Styles I currently want to rock

25 Jun


Melbourne Dance Company

23 Jun

I love the movement found in these posters by Josip Kelava.

I especially like how the dancer interacts with the font to bring out a more dynamic image.

And of course, the colours are simply fabulous.

Jet setting across the Atlantic

22 Jun

I am packed and headed to beautiful Italia for 2 weeks. I have scheduled posts for the duration of my trip and can’t wait to share some great stories when I get back! Gelato, pizza and espresso here I come!

p.s. how exciting would it be if Italy advances to the semi-finals for the Euro Cup?!

via old yellow brick

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