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Triple checks

10 May

More often than not, I run out the door and just pray I threw all of the essentials into the labyrinth that is my purse.

A stop and check reminder would be nice. Remembering to put everything in the same place every day would be even better.

door mat


Colour me a fire

9 May

Out in Texas’ National Ranching Heritage Center stands vibrant sculptures up to 8 feet tall.

The material?


Herb Williams created an art installation that aims to bring attention to the causes and effects of wildfire. The structures are meant to melt and alter shape under the Texas sun. The bright pinks, oranges, and yellows drastically pop out from the brown and dry environment, very much like a wildfire.

Love the concept. Double love the colours.

via Juxtapoz

On the To Do list:

9 May


Dream home patios

8 May

country/urban/LA summer/rustic/boho/minimalist

Sunrises on Monday

7 May

I would love to be able to wake up naturally every morning as opposed to the sound of my alarm clock. This here has me jumping with glee.

It’s an alarm(less) clock that mimics sunrise by gradually lighting up 30 minutes before your scheduled wake-up time. You can set the light intensity, add the sound of chirping birds or play your favourite tunes. Either way, this has got to be much more pleasant than my cell phone’s generic beep.

Pretty genius.  All those natural early risers out there, what’s your secret to getting out of bed?

Wake-up Light photos

Happy Weekend

4 May

Hope you feel as relaxed as my friend Monty here this weekend!

School days

3 May

I used to love starting off the year with a stash of novelty and accessorized pencils. Then part way along the year, I would lose a few and so I became a labeller. Towards exams and the end of the year, my few remaining pencils were subject to biting and let’s  face it, battle tested.

Which phases did you go through?


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