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Walking by the waterfront

30 Apr

The weekend warmed up enough for to venture out by the waterfront. With every shade of blue in the water and sky, I think it’s time to bring out the denim!



Head first

27 Apr

Utterly fantastic non? Natalie Welsh made this  disco ball helmet and shares her DIY steps here.

via the laughing squid

Let’s cha cha!

26 Apr

Cute cheat sheets for ballroom dancing 101. It’s something I might stick in a back pocket for a wedding night or maybe on my bathroom mirror so I can learn to cha cha while brushing my teeth.


Vintage suitcases

25 Apr

I have always loved old suitcases – the smell of past adventures and the worn-in feel of good stories.

They always jump out at me in antique shops as if they are daring me to hop on a jet for a world wind adventure of my own. Who knows where the next wind will take me?


Too good to eat

24 Apr

Have you ever heard of AubreyEApothecary?

No? Then prepare to have your mind blown.

She makes the most unique soaps that look like this:

Amazing right? I want a bowl of those gummy bears for my bathroom pronto


While I wait, I dream

24 Apr


Once upon a time

23 Apr

By happy chance, I stumbled upon these posters on the weekend. Minimalism perfected! These are such clever and elegant illustrations of classic children’s tales.


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